St. Lucie River Chapter
of Florida Sons of the American Revolution
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The Origins of the National Society,
of the Sons of the American Revolution

 In 1776 there were many celebrations to commemorate the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1876. As part of this patriotic fervor, a group of men in San Francisco, California area, who were descendents of Patriots involved in the American Revolution, formed an organization called “the Sons of Revolutionary Sires.” There objective was to have a fraternal and civic society to salute the men and women who pledged their lives, fortunes and their sacred honor to the battle for independence from Great Britain.

They desired to keep alive their ancestor’s story of patriotism and courage in the belief that it is a universal one for mans struggle against tyranny  –- A story which would inspire and sustain succeeding generations when they would have to defend and extend our freedoms.

Out of the Sires grew the National Society, of the Sons of the American Revolution which was organized on April 30, 1889 – the 100th Anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington as our nation’s first President.  We have used the acronym SAR to identify ourselves for over 100 years.  The SAR was conceived as a fraternal and civic society composed of lineal descendants of the men who wintered at Valley Forge, signed the Declaration of Independence, fought in battles of the American Revolution, served in the Continental Congress, or otherwise supported the cause of American Independence.

 The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution was chartered by an Act of the United States Congress on June 9, 1906. The charter was signed by President Theodore Roosevelt, who was a member of the SAR. The charter authorizes the granting of charters to societies of the various states, territories and authorizes state societies to charter societies within their borders.

All but six Presidents of the United Sates were Patriots, sons of Patriots or grandsons of Patriots and qualified by lineage for membership in SAR. Six Presidents were real sons of Revolutionary War Patriots. Five were Grandsons of Revolutionary War Patriots and one was the great grandson of a Revolutionary War Patriot.  Fourteen United States Presidents having lineage after SAR formed as a Society became members.     
Patriotic Goals

We inspire the community with the principles on which our nation was founded.
Many chapters and states have color guards that wear Revolutionary War uniforms and participate in civic and patriotic events and observances such as Fourth of July, Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day, Patriots Day (April 19), Bill of Rights Day, Yorktown Day, Constitution Day, and important battles of the Revolutionary War.
Each year the SAR National Congress passes resolutions to stimulate personal and national action based on these principles.
We maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom. In 1994 the NSSAR formed a Task Force to Preserve U. S. History to help focus public attention on profound problems in some proposed national standards for teaching pre-college U. S. History.
We help carry out the promises expressed in the Preamble to the Constitution.
We provide recognition for public service. The state societies and chapters of the NSSAR present thousands of awards each year to law enforcement officers, public safety officers, and other citizens who exemplify the best civic traditions of our nation. This includes young men and women who are leaders in our communities: high-ranking high school students of history, Eagle Scouts, JROTC and ROTC cadets and midshipmen.
We honor, respect, and support veterans, especially those confined to residential and hospital facilities provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Who can Join?

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A Lineage Society

The SAR is a "lineage" society. This means that each member has traced their family tree back to a point of having an ancestor who supported the cause of American Independence during the years 1774-1783.

Do You Have A Patriot Ancestor?

If you already know that you have such an ancestor, then you may want to continue on to our "Why We Join" page or even go straight to our "Where to Start" page.

If you aren't sure whether any of your ancestors lived in the United States during the Revolution, don't lose heart.  Many people who never set foot in the United States supported the American colonists struggle against British domination -- for example the king of Spain.  Many patriots (or their descendants moved to foreign lands and their descendants moved back later, not knowing their ancestors were here before.   Many French, German, and Spanish soldiers and sailors fought in support of American independence and returned home without making their descendants aware of their participation in gaining American independence.

The Stuart Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution meets on the second Saturday of each month at Manaro's Restaurant in Palm City, Florida. We start gathering at 11:30 AM. The meeting usually starts at 12:00 PM.

Our Mission Statement
The St. Lucie River Chapter of Florida Sons of the American Revolution is a 501©(3) representing St. Lucie, Martin, and Okeechobee counties. We are members of the Florida SAR and National SAR.
Our local membership is 61, with ages 18 months (yep, we start em young!) to 96. All our members have certified lineage to a patriot ancestor who participated on “our side” in the Revolutionary War. 
We are NOT re-enactors. We do many things to promote the history of the founding of our country and the principles as set forth in our founding documents.
In March, SAR member Mark Klingensmith addressed our monthly meeting concerning modern judicial interpretations of the 4th amendment regarding search and seizure in an electronic world.
Thursday we honored JROTC cadets at Port St. Lucie High School.
Saturday we planted a Liberty Tree and plaque in Fort Pierce. In attendance were reps from the County, City, and Mahoney’s office.
Earlier this month we served as jurors for the middle school history festival.
We parade in most parades (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day, etc.)
In the past six months we have honored police, fire fighters and EMTs from the area.
We have no political affiliation except to promote Americanism.
Dated: March 30, 2015
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Our SAR Staff will provide a guest speaker at one of your events. He or they will come in full dress uniform to provide a 20 minute historical presentation. Contact: Hall Riediger at 772-812-1136